Ecological commitment

It seemed important to us at LA PROMENADE to give more meaning to our actions.

Starting first with the selection of our Essential oils, continuing with manufacturing in our workshop, and ending with the recyclability of our products.

We do it for Us, but especially for You, because we believe that a product must combine quality with eco-responsibility.

We therefore favor:


Reducing the CO2 impact is a priority for La Promenade

It starts with the choice of our suppliers but also with the manufacture in France in our workshop of our scented candles, our reed diffusers and our home fragrances.

Our regions are full of talents, which is why we favor local craftsmen.

One of the traditions of our region is the production of perfume and the cultivation of the perfume plant.

Short circuit


Because manufacturing rhymes with quality, we favor the work of our products on vegetal bases.

Indeed our candles are all 100% on vegetal wax, our diffusers and room sprays are them on a vegetal alcohol base.

Of course our original profession, Perfumer, leads us to select qualitative essences for the composition of our perfumes.

Making a scented candle, an interior scent, or a room diffuser must combine manufacturing and respect for the environment.


Because packaging is the first thing you throw away, at LA PROMENADE, it seemed essential to us to work with recyclable cases, but also with suppliers meeting ecological and environment-friendly manufacturing standards such as FSC.

The FSC label makes it possible to guarantee that the papers used come from resources that are checked and collected responsibly.

Vegetal bases and green cases


Upcycling is no longer a trend but a necessity.

Whenever we create a new product, we also think about the second life it can have, how you can reuse it to create an object over time.

The adventure begins with the ceramic scent directly included in our candle case. Then with the candle jars that you can recycle in table glass, pencil jar, cotton jar or so many other things.

Our room diffusers can be converted into a vase to install in your bedroom, living room, dining room, etc.

Upcycling products

Because we love nature and all the happiness it brings, LA PROMENADE is committed!


These are all important points for the manufacturing of tomorrow.

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