Behind La Promenade,  the story of its creators, Pauline and Adrien. 

Sensitive to the world of smells since their childhoods, they naturally turned to the creation and manufacturing of perfumed products. After a journey in perfumery and aromas, Pauline and Adrien wanted to share with you their olfactory experiences through a new adventure with LA PROMENADE.

LA PROMENADE in the Grasse country, in different regions of France or around the world inspired them with unique scents that they wanted to share with you. Each place is a memory, an emotion, a perfume ... which changes according to the seasons and the climate.

Their first range of scented candles created in 2017, mixing delicate and sophisticated scents, are developed entirely by their care in the heart of Grasse, starting from the creation of the  perfume compound, to the manufacturing of the scented candles. In 2018, they produced their collection of home fragrance diffusers with reed diffuser, and air spray. 

In the same spirit as the candles, which are natural wax with a cotton wick, the reed diffusers and the home fragrance sprays are made with natural alcohol. 


All the perfumes are formulated, designed and produced by Pauline and Adrien in Grasse with carefully selected essential oils to transcribe these unique moments that surround them. Each perfume is the subject of meticulous development with many stages and tests. 

The raw materials are all sourced in an ethical and responsible way. We take care that our suppliers respect the environment in the manufacturing of essences and favor the short circuits in order to reduce our carbon footprint. 


It is thanks to a long-sought formula of natural wax (GMO-free) and unique know-how that the olfactory power of LA PROMENADE candles is exceptional and optimal when the candle is lit. Made one by one, the candles and their cotton wicks (lead-free) are assembled by hand for a perfect result.

The diameter of the cotton wick is adapted according to the size of the candle, as well as the fragrance, to ensure perfect diffusion.

A properly used LA PROMENADE candle does not smoke,  does not leave deposit on the glass, and ensures optimal fragrance diffusion.

In addition, in order to enhance your enjoyment of a LA PROMENADE scented candle, each candle is accompanied by a ceramic made in Limoges with a small 2ml bottle of concentrated perfume. Placed on the front of the case, the ceramic with the La Promenade logo can be removed and, once scented with the perfume concentrate, it can be slipped into a bag, drawer or item of clothing.



LA PROMENADE Home fragrance diffusers  respect the optimal maceration time of the perfume in a natural alcohol. The filling is carried out in their workshop in Grasse, as well as the packaging.

Each bottle is associated with 10 naturals sticks, which allows a gentle and constant diffusion of the perfume.

You can increase or reduce the diffusion by adding or removing  sticks. 

The bottle of the reed diffusers  represents the traditional bottles used on a perfume organ.



LA PROMENADE cases are produced and printed in France. They are also FSC certified. The packaging is entirely made with cardboard from sustainably managed forests or recycled cardboard.

All cases, as well as bottles of diffusers and candle glasses, are recyclable.

It is very important for LA PROMENADE to use recyclable FSC certified cases in order to protect the environment. 



LA PROMENADE room sprays are also produced in our workshop in Grasse.

Each bottle is printed with a screenprint, the beautiful discreet print that can be seen on our cases. The glass bottles are made in France and the alcohol used has a natural origin.

These sprays go perfectly with candles and room diffusers to pleasantly perfume your curtains, perfume the linen, or perfume your cushions.


Click here to find out more about our ecological and social commitment!

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